Museovirasto - Uralic and Siberian

This page contains photos of mostly Finnish and Karelian people, but also of other Baltic Finnic people, Mordvins, Saami, and Western Siberians from the website of the Finnish National Board of Antiquities (Museovirasto). Each photo on this page is linked to the source of the photo.

Many of the photos of Karelians were not tagged with being of Karelians, and I only put the photos that were tagged with being of Karelians under their own section, so the second section contains photos of both Finnish and Karelian people. The second section might also contain a few photos of Saami.

The section for Siberians contains photos taken by Kai Donner between 1911 and 1914 of at least Evenks, Kamasins, Kets, Khanty, Nenetses, and Selkups. I put all of the photos under a single section, because the metadata of some of the photos does not indicate what ethnic groups the persons in them belong to, and a few photos contain persons from multiple ethnic groups. Donner wrote the Finnish book "Siperian samojedien keskuudessa vuosina 1911 - 1913 ja 1914" about the trips during which he took the photos. There is a free audiobook of the book (

The metadata of the photos of Mordvins does not indicate if the photos are of Erzya or Moksha.

Some of the photos under the section for Ingrians or Izhorians were tagged with both the Finnish words for Ingrians (inkeriläiset) and Izhorians (inkerikot), which might be because the words were mistakenly thought to refer to the same people, because the photos contain both Ingrians and Izhorians, or because it is not certain if the persons in the photos are Ingrian or Izhorian.

I used a script like this to scrape the search results for images:

xjss(){ osascript -e'on run{a}' -e'set out to""' -e'tell app"google chrome"to repeat with t in(get tabs of window 1)' -e'tell t to set out to out&(execute javascript a)&linefeed' -eend -eout -eend "$1"; }

open -gagoogle\ chrome '*+TAI+190*+TAI+191*+TAI+192*'
sleep 10

for s in $(seq 1 50 3700);do
  for p in $(seq $s $((s+49)));do
    open -gagoogle\ chrome$p
    sleep 0.5
  while [[ $(osascript -e'tell app"google chrome"to loading of tabs of window 1 contains true') = true ]];do sleep 1;done
  xjss 'o="";a=document.getElementsByClassName("preview");for(i=0;e=a[i];i++)o+=e.href+"\n";o'|grep .
  osascript -e'tell app"google chrome"to close window 1'

I used a script like this to download the full size versions of the images:

mkdir /tmp/kuva;cd /tmp/kuva

for l in $(<~/d/kuva/picks);do
  printf %s\\n$l\_zdata/TileGroup0/4-{0..15}-{0..15}.jpg|parallel wget -q
  find . -size +80k -delete
  montage $(ls|sort -t- -nk3 -nk2) -geometry +0+0 -tile x$(ls|cut -d- -f3|cut -d. -f1|jq -s max+1) -quality 90 ~/d/kuva/big/${l#*/}.jpg
  rm *

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